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The Blue Caves are one of the most popular and advertised attractions of the island.

The historical and religious monuments, the picturesque villages, the beautiful nature, and the hospitality of the locals offer memories difficult to forget.

The port of Katakolo is a popular stop for cruise ships, offering an opportunity for passengers to visit the site of Olympia. 

Kefalonia is a place where mountains plunge to meet the sea. If you are a sun-seeker, you’ll be rewarded with some of the finest beaches in Greece. 

Keri caves or “Grotto Keri” is another natural wonder to enjoy in Zakynthos! They consist of sea caves and rock arches that look amazing.

Korakonisi is a unique creation of nature! The rock formation creates a huge arch that exceeds 20 meters in height. The arch hides a small bay in which you can swim.

Crystal clear blue sea and spectacular beaches, there are numerous other attractions in Lefkada including plentiful natural beauties, historic sites, museums, and monasteries.

Marathonisi is a small island located in turtle’s bay close to Limni Keri’s beach! You can visit the island by private boat and maybe you will get lucky and meet the turtles.

Explore Mediterranean delight on this 16-day tour of Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. Experience the history, elegance and surreal beauty that uniquely and memorably define each day of this journey.

Paxos holidays are all about relaxing with family and friends: swimming, sunning, and exploring in a timeless Greek setting.

The natural SPA of Zakynthos!
Xigia beach is located on the eastern coast of the northern part of the island. 

The most popular Zakynthos tour is hands down the Navagio beach boat tour and the Blue Caves tour. These two wonderful spots are famous all over the world for their natural beauty!