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Navagio - Blue Cave - Xigia Beach

Enjoy a cruise around the northern cape of Zakynthos. See the world-famous Navagio shipwreck beach and the most amazing views in the world. This cruise starts from Zakynthos port and goes around the northern part of the island. 


Marathonisi - Keri Caves - Mizitres

Experience the beauty of nature and enjoy the amazing underwater world of Zakynthos. We offer you a cruise around the south side of the island, where you can see the most secret inhabitants of the islands of Marathonisi, namely sea turtles. The cruise starts from Zakynthos port and goes south to the beautiful beaches of Vasilikos.


Cruise around of Zakynthos

On this cruise, we offer you everything you can see as sights on the island of Zakynthos. The cruise starts from Zakynthos port and we head north to Xygia Beach. The natural spa of Zakynthos is famous for its sulfur-rich waters and beach, which have a very beneficial effect on the skin. Then we continue north to the Blue Cave, where you can take pictures of this natural landmark.

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