Navagio - Shipwrecks Beach

The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of most photographed beaches of all Greece!
Accessible only by sea, it gives you the idea of hugeness and perfection.
It consists of millions of small pebbles with the blue shades of the sea as far as the eye can see, it results unique in its gender and the relict looks as if it was made by an artist.

Arriving by boat, the tall lateral walls hide the beach till the last minute when out of the blue you get a complete view of the bay.
Waters around Navagio often have light blue colour because of the numerous sulfurous caves around the beach and when the sea is rising a large number of sulfur radiates, giving the possibility of taking beautiful pictures.

We suggest visiting Navagio in the morning because then the sea is much calm and easy to get there. Zakynthos Cruises offers you an exclusive adventure to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


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