Marathonisi - Turtle Island

Marathonisi is a small island located in turtle’s bay close to Limni Keri’s beach!

Until the second world war the island was lived, today it has neither inhabitants nor buildings.
It is now one of the areas where the CARETTA CARETTA turtles go to breed.

You can visit the island by private boat and maybe you will get lucky and meet the turtles.

The main beach on the island is covered by smooth sand, but if you want more privacy you can go to the little pebble beach.

The island does not offer an option for food or drinks, but our crew will provide you with everything you need on the boat. 

If you love the sunbaths, private islands, and beautiful nature then you should visit Marathonisi. 

Our crew will make sure that you see and experience the island in the best way possible.


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Address: Zakynthos Port

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