Korakonisi is a unique creation of nature!

The rock formation creates a huge arch that exceeds 20 meters in height. The arch hides a small bay in which you can swim. Our boats can stop nearby and you can enjoy the view from a whole new perspective. The water here is cool and crystal clear with a beautiful seabed. It is surrounded by both the sea and cliffs and is connected to the mainland by one small piece of rock.

Climbing up onto the rock of the island you can admire the spectacular views.
Those of you more adventurous can dive into the sea from the arch!

If the idea of diving in from such a height scares you access is easier from the rocks or your private boat from Zakynthos Cruises.

Enjoy the view underwater with a diving mask and you will discover a whole new world. Here you can see every ray of sunshine under the water and the seabed is extremely beautiful.


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