Tiny Paxos is one of the clusters of Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece. It is a haven of brilliant blue seas and secluded bays.

Paxos holidays are all about relaxing with family and friends: swimming, sunning, and exploring in a timeless Greek setting.

The little Paxos is slightly off the beaten track where tourists are concerned. One of a sprinkling of islands in the Ionian Sea, it lies to the west of mainland Greece. It does not have an airport so the only way to get there is by boat. Paxos is a gem of an island that has retained its laidback charm because the majority of visitors to Greece stick to the islands with airports.
There is a strong Venetian influence in Paxos. The Venetians arrived uninvited in the 1400s and ruled the Ionian islands for centuries. They left their mark in the elegant buildings around the tiny harbors and in the thousands of ancient olive trees which cover the island. These gnarled trunks are a hallmark of Paxos island, lining the dusty little roads between hamlets and framing enticing glimpses of the sparkling blue sea.


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