To arrive at Korakonisi start from the Village of Kiliomenos and head North following the main road towards Agio Leona. After approximately 1km you will see the sign for Korakonisi, turn left here and follow this road always heading in the general direction of the sea. When the road comes to an end, park and continue by foot. Access is by a narrow path of stone steps. As you descend the steps here you do need to be careful and to assist you there is rope for you to hold on to. While approaching you can’t help but admire the wild natural beauty that surrounds you.

Korakonisi is a unique monument to nature! The formation of the rocks create a huge arch that of which exceeds 20 meters, and the arch covers a small secluded bay. The water here is cool and crystal clear with a beautiful seabed. It is surrounded by both the sea and cliffs and is connected to the mainland by one small piece of rock. Climbing up onto the rock of the island you can admire the rocky wilderness. Those of you more adventurous can dive into the sea from the arch. If the idea of diving in from such a height scares you access is easier from the rocks. You should definitely use a mask here when diving into the sea, it is overwhelming, you see every sunbeam that penetrates the water and the seabed is very vibrant!

Bring with you drinking water and any other essentials that you may need. Swimming here at Korakonisi is a little ‘alternative’, it is difficult to find shade and the rocks are not so comfortable to lay down on, it is however quite flat so you can sit and rest or wander around under the hot sun.

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